By Maya Botzer Simhon


GlitchBy Maya Botzer Simhon

2021/03/14 00:00:00

On a lockdown night, a few months ago, Nathan and I were hanging out, watching some videos and talking about games we used to  play when we were younger.

Having a great platform to create during this strange time, made me want to make something fun, be silly, and let my imagination lead me.

Nathan and I were playing with different ideas, images and feelings that became more available to us as we decided to let go of our habits, concerns and judgement.

This resulted in being more child-like and more careless.

To all, and especially to myself, I wish us not to take ourselves so seriously all the time.

  • Directed byMaya Botzer Simhon
  • PerformersNathan Chipps, Dor Nahum
  • Filming & EditingRoee Shalti
  • Lighting designerNir Gavrieli