We All Have Reasons
By Danai Porat

We All Have Reasons

We All Have ReasonsBy Danai Porat

2021/02/21 00:00:00

To all the loved ones in my life, your existence in my brain and heart, is independent from physicality. It is not a matter of presence or absence, it is a metaphorical idea in which the presence and the absence are coexisting together, where one can’t be sensed without the other, you always exist in my brain and heart, no matter the situation. And to the one that is not a part of this life anymore, you are still there, in my brain and heart, filling the metaphorical presence by being absent.

  • Directed & performed byDanai Porat
  • Filmed and Edited byGuy Barak
  • Original Music byGuy Barak and Etay Levi
  • Original Text byMarc Strand
  • Translation to HebrewUzi Vail