By Sean Howe


MUTTBy Sean Howe

2021/02/27 00:00:00

This piece is inspired by the similarities between a dog and a mother. The two are full of generous and selfless love, sometimes even to a fault. I used this as the inspiration for the movement, and incorporated the elements of water, wind, and the contained room in order to enhance the feelings the experience (of being a dog or mother or both) invokes.

  • Choreographed, Directed & Conceived bySean Howe
  • Filmed byYarden David-Baruch
  • Performed byBen Green
  • MusicImpromptu No. 935 by Franz Schubert, performed by Mistuko Uchida
  • Sound editingSean Howe
  • A special thank you to Shachar Elimelech and Ori Haziza from Rothchild 9