By Ohad Mazor


JANEBy Ohad Mazor

2021/03/21 00:00:00

Jane is a solo about love and alienation – a warm hug with cold eyes. Jane is a lover with a secret, a Hollywood starlet at the dawn and at the sunset of her career. She is starring in a film we all know but have never seen. She exists amongst nostalgic mountains in a wilderness projected inside a Hollywood set. She is a heroine, an innocent flower, a lonely traveler, a cold blooded murderer and a faithful wife. Jane is firstly and most importantly herself and therefore never predictable. 

I was on an airplane when I first listened to “Your Sweet Love” and instantly imagined Amalia’s face, who I have long wanted to work with. I felt that this song carried a mixture of warmth and estrangement she would embody. I felt as though the strangers’ eyes in the song are hers, but she is also the one being looked at. The process began with our mutual desire to move and quickly revealed an arc of emotional states. “Jane,” which is Amalia’s middle name, might be somewhat of an alter ego that is starring in the piece. 

  • Directed byOhad Mazor
  • Performed byAmalia Jane Smith
  • FilmingMyy Jeraffi
  • EditingOhad Mazor
  • Lighting designNir Gavrieli
  • MusicLee Hazelwood, Stanley Black
  • Tech crewYuval Glickman, Roni Cohen, Yigal Feldman, David (Dudi) Bell
  • Artistic consultantBen Green