By Alma Karvat Shemesh


IN BETWEENBy Alma Karvat Shemesh

2021/02/27 00:00:00

In Tel Aviv, a young woman’s apartment is filled with packed boxes for her upcoming move. Within this confined space, the need for movement will start to emerge.

This is the first segment of an upcoming film which is set to release mid 2021.

  • Performed and Choreographed byAlma Karvat Shemesh
  • Directed, Written, and Edited byGabriel Schnieder
  • Filmed byItay Recthman
  • Original MusicAvshalom Meidan
  • Produced ByAlma Karvat Shemesh, Tamara Friedland
  • Lighting DesignYoav Erteschik
  • Assistant Director and ContinuityBéatrice Larrviée
  • Make UpFederico Longo
  • Production DesignAyala Meidan
  • Graphic DesignUri Raban